Monday, October 18, 2010

Things that are Red

Wait, I'm homeschooling a second grader, right? I guess those little ones nearby can't help but learn. I had no idea there was this whole thing out there called "lapbooks". If I had known this sooner, I might have tried them sooner, with or without homeschooling. I already can't remember where I found out about them but we've tried a couple. I was trying to find something to fulfill that craft project desire in us all.

Gabby's first book was on Creation. I haven't taken pics of that one yet but I will. Sam watched her do it and said he wanted a red one. So we made a red one. I found a things that are red worksheet, printed it, he colored it, and we cut those things out. That's what he glued down inside the book. Then we went through the sticker bin and pulled out all the things that were red and he put the stickers in there. I cut the letters for the front on the Cricut and glued them down. That was the only part I really did for him. Now they both want to make one about blue. For the record, red is Sam's favorite color and blue is Gabby's.

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