Saturday, October 16, 2010

Charlotte's Web

Gabby is a creative kid. She loves to draw and write and sing and dance. One thing I was hoping to bring back to our house was the creativity. I felt like the creativity had gotten shoved into a very small amount of time. This day was so sunny and nice so I sent the kids out to play. They actually complained, which is unusual for my kids but after a while I looked out and there was creating going on. I love it.
Charlotte's Web was our first read aloud book. In first grade they read the book and saw the play but she wanted to read it again so we did. This is her web and barnyard. Gabby and Sam are washing up to spin the web. Then Gabby is Fern talking to Wilbur. There was a dance that went with the whole thing as well. Too bad it rained that night.

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