Friday, August 27, 2010

One Last Hurdle to Clear

I admit, school starts next week and I have yet to withdraw my child. Not that they wouldn't take her back whenever we needed it but I have been kind of waiting on one thing - teacher lists. You see, there is this one really great second grade teacher at her school. The others may be great, too, but there is one everyone raves about. One that I always see going above and beyond. One that I can put a name and a face to and I haven't had a second grader yet. The one everyone wants their kid to have. That one.

So, what would I do if she got that teacher? The last question still hanging in my mind. I've spent too much on books to go back. So why was I waiting? I don't know. Curiosity. I am not a very decisive person. I tend to second guess myself. Lots of doubts.

Finally, with school starting next week, class lists were posted tonight. I took the opportunity to run up there without the kids to see. Too curious. She didn't get THE teacher. She got one I don't know anything about. All of her friends are in other classes. I only recognized a couple of names on her list.

Maybe I was waiting on this one last confirmation from God that I am doing the right thing. Even after a year of praying about it. I'm kind of dense. I have to be hit over the head with things. God and I have discussed this. He knows it about it. He's good about being faithful to my dense-ness. Thankfully.

Now I'm going to go write that withdrawal letter (in WA you don't have to officially declare you are homeschooling until they turn 8). And get ready. School starts on Monday.

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