Monday, August 16, 2010

Choosing Curriculum

When I went in to this, I knew I needed to get a curriculum. While I COULD make it up as I go, I knew how that would turn out. Stressed all the time, constantly finding more books, websites, printouts, etc. I'm not sure we ever would get anything done that way. I know some of you do it. I just don't think I would be able to put it all together and be sane.

So where to start? Who knows? Type in "homeschool curriculum" and see what happens. Add the word "reviews" to that and THEN see what happens. If smoke is not coming out of your ears in an hour, you're a better person than I. Thankfully, I have known some wonderful, godly, amazing homeschooling moms in my days around the Army. And, thankfully, I have managed to keep in contact with most of them via Facebook. So I closed all those review sites and started writing messages, one or two at a time, to these dear ladies I trusted and asked for their opinions. (If I didn't write you it was because I didn't realize you homeschooled until I said I was doing it or because I just ran out of time and finally had to make a choice. No offense intended!) Everyone was, of course, so lovely to answer my questions and give me their take on it. Websites, ideas, borrowed DVDs, hour long phone conversations - all were helpful in making my choices.

I'm actually still a bit in the process. I have ordered and received part of our work. I am using Sonlight for History, Reading and Science. Those books have arrived and look great. I have ordered Saxon for Math and Shurley for Grammar but those have not arrived yet. I still have to make a final choice and order Bible and Spelling. It's a good thing schools here don't start until Labor Day. I'm not behind yet!

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